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在今年五月于美国NBC电视台光荣播出最后一集后,没有言表青春的幸福与苦楚。编制在有“艺能战场”之称的周五晚上的《脸红的神仙般的游戏》,并一起追踪一个神秘的纹身女孩,这另一向快乐开朗的杨光痛苦万分……本 详情




In the legend of the world of Middle Earth, Sauron forged nineteen pieces of magic and fall to one of the rings in the thousands of years ago, he put three of them to give the spirit king, seven pieces to the noble dwarves, nine to humans. In addition, in Sauron secretly cast a supreme power of the one ring, the ring and the holder can make the stealth ever-young, but the most terrible is the Lord of the rings with slavery all power on earth, it is the Solon will help the entire earth world shrouded in darkness.The world people overwhelmed, rebelled against. The alliance is composed with elves, humans and other creatures Sauron's army launched a desperate struggle, finally succeeded Sauron returned to his lair end mountains. Sauron defeat, led his army and Chinese League final battle and the alliance has been hit.Jupiter is human Ilan Dyer, Sauron killed, the ring of power so that people in the middle time face the test of life and death. At this critical moment, Ilan Dyer's father duo picked up the broken Sayyaf Nasir had Sauron wearing the ring finger, the dark Mojun suddenly lost power, his army collapsed......The end of the war, Isildur made the ring. ELF KING Erin proposed to destroy the ring. May only take it from destroying the ring back to the end of the flames in the mountains. May the ring like a plus the Isildur clear left it as the human kingdom heirlooms, remnants of Sauron was finally noticed, Isildur was killed, the ring fell into the river Anduin, until the little monster Gelunmu notice...... Golem of the ring spell, thus becoming a distorted mind, finally unbearable, he took the ring into the cave in Wulingbitong mountain......The Hobbit Bilbo Baggins into the Gelunmu cave when going out, and accidentally pulled the ring, he put the ring back home, but he never thought that he has the same to all the peoples of middle fate in my hands.Sauron inexorably hangs on. after thousands of years of silence, after gradually recovered and initially revealed him to retake the ring. Already know the Lord of the rings Sauron falls on the Hobbit hands, then sent the nazgul to search for the black knight.Bilbo is already 110 years old, but he is still a few decades ago and picked up the ring as no change, but the day of the hobbits made him confused to stand aloof from worldly success are already tired of hope to go to a peaceful place, writing his autobiography, he clearly in this day to celebrate the birthday of farewell and people.Bilbo's nephew Frodo is a gentle, really innocent boy, he in the village came to celebrate the birthday of hobbits Bilbo as guardian of grey wizard Gan Daofu......Bilbo spoke at the birthday party when using the power of the village of stealth surface disappeared. But his trick he found hiding from Gandalf, Bilbo, Bilbo himself intends to inform Gandalf, he left everything to frodo. Gandalf asked him whether including the ring, because he knew that the Lord of the rings is only the power of stealth. Bilbo though not very willing, but eventually left the ring......A premonition has informed the ring after see Gandalf, he consulted a lot of historical data, finally decided that this is the evil one ring. He put his notice informed Frodo, confound Frodo to give the ring to gandalf...... Gan Daofu persuaded the ring Frodo first to a safe place, and the deployment of Frodo's partners Sam and him. Agreed to converge on the horse bar......Frodo and Sam embarked on a journey to escort the Lord of the rings, and they soon met two boys Pippin and Melly village......Gandalf found a white robe wizard leader Saruman, may not think Saruman has surrendered solon. He wanted to use Gandalf, was rejected after the use of force to subdue him......Frodo and three partners along the way to kill the nazgul escaped the Black Knight, finally came to a bar, probably Gan Daofu, did not find the nazgul Black Knight once again fled, thanks to the vigorous man Aragon escaped before the rescue...... Aragon was originally a human descendants of the king, because do not see hope in seclusion, he knew the ring badly, then give the ring to help clear Frodo Del Levine fairy kingdom......They walk on the road once again encountered after the nazgul ride, Frodo was severely injured, life on the verge of death or destruction. At this time, a fairy princess arrived, she single-handed to Frodo to the Elven nation......The Elven king saved Frodo, Gandalf also met frodo. May the ring shadow still not disappeared, the potential decline in the spirit of the ring to ensure the safety, heavy-hearted ELF KING Eln clear please sent to other countries to discuss countermeasures.